N64 - 2225 - Re-Volt [N64]

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Remote control cars race through toy stores and over rooftops in Re-Volt, an unique new racing game from Acclaim.

Re-Volt lets you guide one of 28 remote control cars through insane race tracks set in unusual environments. Since the cars are the size of real remote control vehicles, objects found around the track are bigger than life. Curbs become huge walls, toys are obstacles, and everything is fair game to drive on, through, or over. There are 14 different tracks spread throughout four Cups, including races set in museums, supermarkets, and settings which may look like your own neighborhood.

Re-Volt is driven by completely new physics and graphics engines, which create flashy lighting effects and authentic environments. Realistic shadows combine with rich textures to make the over-sized racing areas appear convincingly gargantuan. Re-Volt uses the Expansion Pak, and the folks at Acclaim London report that the extra memory is used solely for graphic enhancements.

There are more than 28 different remote control vehicles, but most of them are not available until you've proven yourself on the race course. Similarly, you won't see the more advanced tracks unless you place well in the beginning races. Once you blaze through all 14 courses, you'll be able to access the mirrored tracks which have become a standard addition to N64 racing.

Ultimately, there is no end to the number of tracks offered in Re-Volt. As long as your creative juices are flowing, you can use the game's Track Edit mode to create your own customized courses. These tailored tracks can be saved onto the Controller Pak, so you can show off your design skills at a friend's house.

In addition to the Track Edit mode, RC technicians can conquer the following play modes:

  • Single Race
  • Championship
  • Multiplayer
  • Time Trial
  • Practice
  • Stunt Arena

    After selecting the mode of play, players can then choose between the following game configurations:

  • Simulation (Full Speed; Realistic Collision)
  • Arcade (Full Speed, Simple Car Collision)
  • Console (Full Speed; Simple Collision)
  • Junior RC (Reduced Speed; Simple Collision)

    Re-Volt's 14 courses are set in 7 different interactive environments littered with power-ups such as homing rockets, water balloons and turbo boosts. You can use these items against the computer, or annihilate your pals in the four-player racing or battle modes.

    The vehicles react differently to varying road surfaces, including slick marble floors and sticky carpeted hallways. Each vehicle drives differently according to its unique combination of speed, acceleration and weight.

    Like real RC cars, Re-Volt's miniature machines are extremely sensitive to the slightest movement of the Control Stick. This can initially cause over-steering and spin-outs, but after a few test laps most drivers will begin to feel the groove.

    Backed by a bumpin' soundtrack and a truckload of sound effects, Re-Volt is an entertaining racing game. At the end of our test drive we were left left with only question: What happens when the cars run out of batteries?