PC - 2983 - CyberJudas [PC]

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CyberJudas le pone en el papel de un nuevo presidente en la sombra. Usted gobierna los Estados Unidos medainte un sistema de realidad virtual de la alta seguridad ayudada solamente por su gabinete y la red de ordenadores. No hay Congreso, ningún otro Poder, ninguna opinión pública, apenas usted y, el CyberJudas. Uno de sus miembros del Consejo es un traidor que desea destruirle por una razón desconocida. El pozo ocultado dentro de la red de la sombra, el CyberJudas ha manejado tomar control sobre algunas decisiones presidenciales tales como asesinatos.

Requiere : 486 SX-33, MS-DOS 5.0/Win9x/Me, 8Mb RAM, CD ROM 2x, SVGA (VESA)

The First Simulation of Truly Global Proportions

CyberJudas is the ultimate game of power, global leadership and world influence. Become the most powerful person on earth supported by a close and trusted panel of advisors. Beware, one of them will destroy you and your world.

What kind of president would you make?

  • Power Hungry? Diplomatic sanctions, CIA covert actions, aid packages, economic blockades, surgical strikes and human rights reform are just a few of the many options at your disposal.
  • Itchy Fingered? Realism is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence routines developed from seven years global politics research, you can either struggle for peace and harmony or trigger off World War III with a push of a button.
  • Trusting? Listen to your advisors' opinions and suggestions - then either take it or leave it. Further realism is created in the in-game characters as they are brought to life with a full range of emotions, spoken responses and body language movements. All this is fully rendered using the latest silicon graphics wavefront technology by award winning graphic artists.
  • Internationalist? On-line official CIA World Factbook gives in-depth information on every country in the world. View the world map, regional views or nation close-up's depicting changes in commercial, military, population and influence factors.

    The world is watching. The election is looming and your popularity in the polls is falling. Press, assassins and terrorists are showing great interest in your movements and actions. Your "loyal" staff could be murdered or resign at any time. Oh, and there's a personal Judas on your staff waiting to destroy you and fan the flames of anarchy...Who can you trust, who will you trust?

    You Are the President and the Prey

  • Three styles of interaction with one of the world's leading global simulations -
  • The CyberJudas Gambit: Find and eliminate the traitor before your world erupts into chaos.
  • Cabinet Wars: Run the world while your Cabinet vies for political power and forces you to respond.
  • You are the President: Try your answers to global problems with a neutral and loyal cabinet of advisors using the award-winning Presidential Simulator.


  • Stunning 3D graphics created with movie special effects technology.
  • Riveting digital sound, music and voices.
  • Award-winning world simulator A/I ("decision-making virtual reality"), based on 7 years of Tufts University doctoral research.
  • Dynamic virtual 3D actors for true character and player interaction.
  • Captivating interactive gameplay, with every game a unique experience, providing limitless replay value.
  • New CIA World Factbook - instant on-line access to 600+ pages on over 160 nations. Full text available on disk.