Juguetes - 3140 - Happy Family : Migde y su bebé [Juguetes]

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¡Midge, la amiga de Barbie, está apunto de ser mamá! A la hora de dormir, el bebé cuando nazca, el cambiador del pequeño se transforma fácilmente en una cuna. Incluye un montón de accesorios para bebé, intercomunicador, cambiador-cuna, patito de goma, botella de talco, sonajero, biberón, ropita de bebé, etc.


Barbie’s best friend Midge and her husband Alan (sold separately) are expecting their second child--a little girl! Happy Family Midge has a magnetic, detachable belly (baby fits neatly inside)--which allows her to transform from very pregnant to unnervingly svelte in a matter of seconds. If only it were that easy! While the magnetic belly isn’t the most life-like example for kids, it does allow younger ones to grasp the concept of a baby growing inside mommy. Midge comes dressed in a lavender floral dress, fuchsia heeled mules, pink earrings, and--of course--a wedding ring. Baby’s accessories include a 3-in-1 crib, changing table, and cradle, mattress, blanket, bathtub, two diapers, as well as tiny teddy bear, rattle, monitor, bottle, rubber ducky, and more. Safety information: This product contains magnets. Do not use around items that are sensitive to or affected by magnetic fields. This set also contains small parts and poses a choking hazard for children under the age of three.