Juguetes - 5124 - Barbie Disfraz de Mariposa [Juguetes]

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¡Las chicas de My Scene en su segunda película, Masquerade Madness! La pandilla está planeando un baile beneficio del refugio de animales local, y Chelsea está diseñando los trajes. Las muchachas deciden montar una fiesta sopresa para Chelsea y puesto que tienen ya sus trajes fabulosos, ¿ qué mejor que un baile de Máscaras? Cada muñeca viene con un traje y un drisfraz, un DVD de la película, y accesorios para jugar aparte del baile.

Barbie luce un Disfraz de Mariposa

The My Scene girls are starring in their second movie, Masquerade Madness! The gang is helping plan a benefit fashion show the local animal shelter, and Chelsea is designing the costumes. The girls decide to throw a surprise party for Chelsea and since they already have their fabulous costumes, what would be better than a masquerade party? Each doll comes with a costume and a second fashion, a DVD of the movie, and lots of accessories to play out the costume party theme.

There’s a party goin’ on at the Party Pad, and everyone’s invited! In an effort to raise money for a local animal shelter, Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, and the rest of the My Scene gang decide to throw a masquerade party in the DVD movie, Masquerade Madness. And what a party it is! My Scene followers will be thrilled to see this 23-minute DVD, and even happier to find Barbie all dolled up as a very sexy Butterfly Punk, complete with sparkly brown and copper wings, pink faux-fur jacket (at least we hope it’s faux; it is an animal shelter fund raiser, after all), belly-revealing top with lace front, sleek hip-hugging purple and pink camo cargo pants, and spiky high heel boots. Plus she has a costumed puppy, lots of accessories, and a whole other outfit, presumably for the after-party party. You fly, girl! Warning: Girls, don’t try these outfits at home--you’ll be grounded for a month!